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The Lex Jasper Trio

Lex Jasper (p) – Vincent Koning (gt) – Frans van Geest (b)

and the Riverside String Orchestra

Album Review

I think most of us are discovering who this Lex Jasper monster really is. I thought I had an idea when I recorded with him in 1981, but I really didn’t. Lex, that hard-swinging jazz piano player, evolved into a musician whose artistry recognized no boundaries. He became a superb arranger, often writing for the Metropole Orchestra, among others. Need a top notch vocal accompanist? No problem. Call Lex. And now, a gift from Lex and his fantastic co-artists is presented to us.

Special mention needs to be made of the groove, the sound, the blend, the hook-up of this trio. It’s as lovely and swinging as you can ask for. Great bass playing by Frans van Geest! What a beautiful bass sound and relentless drive! Guitarist, Vincent Koning, is a major part of that intensity as well. His sound also blends perfectly with the bass and piano.

This album is gourmet ear food. For someone like me, who hasn’t heard from our Dutch hero for so long: Lex Is Back! It’s time to celebrate.

Welcome home, Lex. I’ve missed you.
- John Clayton